Wednesday, September 3, 2008

wednesday thoughts....

i came home yesterday from the store to find my bird sitting on top of her cage. outside of her cage. i had to chase her around the apartment living room, kitchen, hallway and finally laundry room to catch her. i kept thinking, "who came in and let her out?" then i saw it. her with her little beak, trying to open the door where her food is. she wants out. wants to be free, could we say "she get's it from her mama," seriously?
i'm not yet freaked out about living at home, i'm actually loving my activities on a day to day basis, get up, drink protein shake, go to the gym for a couple of hours, return home, watch tv, read a book, clean, eat, do nothing. i'm going today to finish signing paperwork for work so i can actually start working, i guess they're not in a rush to have me, this day has been pushed back for a week. i can't complain. i vacillate between wanting to work 3-4 days a week to wanting to work maybe only 2. i could survive on less than that. but do i want to? i guess we'll see how much i really enjoy it. i may explore other avenues such as labor and delivery nursing, just to see.
there was a boy for a week or so that i was smitten with. he was all wrong for me and maybe that's what attracted me to him. the bad boy. anyhow, i was upset yesterday because he said he couldn't give me what i wanted, couldn't commit his time to me. and needing to hear something positive i called a girlfriend. i asked her not to sugar coat the details, to give it to me straight and she said this "Stephanie, you know it wouldn't have worked out. In January you will leave and go on to bigger and better things and he will be here, in the same place he is now. You should be taking 10 steps forward, and by dating him you'd be taking steps backwards. you aren't for corpus, you will go on to the bigger city" and there it was. clarity. it could have come from anyone else and i wouldn't have listened, i would have refused to believe that this was a bad choice. i would have vehemently denied his lifestyle choice clashing with my own, but coming from her it was different. she said houston, she said big city. and with it came hope. hope that there is someone, maybe similar to him, that is better suited for me. he is out there, i just have to be strong. refuse to take what is offered from the ordinary joe's of the world and wait for the one who will offer me all that i deserve.
sometimes i forget who i am, what it is i'm looking for. until i talk to my girlfriends and they give it to me how i need to hear it.
"a true friend knows the song in your heart and sings it back to you when you have forgotten the words"