Friday, July 27, 2007

getting my nurse on in california

when i lived in Texas all i could dream about was travel nursing. the idea of living in a new place every 13 weeks was exciting and seemed like the sex-and-the-city-type-of-grown-up-independence i was looking for. all i could think about was living somewhere without my family or friends to criticize my every action, or lack thereof. after all i was 25 with no children (and in corpus christi, tx that's almost a miracle) and single (with no prospects in site) so why not travel? i was ambitious and ready for a change and luckily my family (well, almost everyone) understood.
fast forward 8 months and here i am 1400 miles away from home in sunny california. am i enjoying it? yes, to a certain extent. i miss my family, as i knew i would, but i didn't realize how much they were (are) a part of my life. if he heard me say this, my uncle bill, he would laugh and say "i told you so" or something equally as crass since he told me i wouldn't last. and although i'm not ready to give up i feel a huge part of me is wishing i were in texas, with the friends and family i ran from in search of greener pastures. i'm not sure what i'll do next or if i'll give up and decide to stay in cali a little longer. i am impulsive but indecisive, therefore i'm always changing my mind but hardly ever acting on it. there is no telling where the wind (or my crazy mind) will take me next.
the thing with travel nursing is (get ready for my diatribe on nurses) we are paid more, have paid housing and utilities are fiercely independent, outgoing and headstrong. this annoys other nurses and i can see why. but i'm not out for your job, or YOUR house, or anything you have, i just want to simply see different places and make money in the process. but these people in turn (since they, i'm assuming, are jealous) are rude and spiteful and i have become bitter by their un-acceptance and lack of friendliness. or maybe that attitude is just held by californians (specifically the OC snobs).
there is someone though, or the possibility of someone. and i'd like to think eventually if he grew on me, so would california. but i just don't know.

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