Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i'll have the california holiday please

dear whomever's listening (or in this case reading),
i originally signed on in california thinking that this gig would be 13 weeks. 13 weeks has turned into 37. i, just today, agreed to extend my contract thru the holidays. i will still be working 3p-3a in a relatively small ER and making some good money. i am hoping that i will grow some balls and get over my fear of working in bigger facilites on my days off. well, part of me is scared; the other part's just plain lazy. i know that i could make some serious cash if i'd only dedicate the time but 3 12 hour shifts of on-your-feet-non-stop-action gets old fast. and i have really started to enjoy working out, laying out and reading books.
so, i can't say i'm sad about staying. i will be able to go snowboarding a couple of times and that's exciting. i also already know the system and these people so the fear of starting over isn't there. the hard part is being away from my family for another christmas and birthday, but i know i can always fly home.
there it is, my decision. i hope it is the right one.

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