Friday, August 10, 2007

a close call

its only been a month and i'm already having to take my foot out of my mouth. yes, that's right, i almost screwed this one up. it's not surprising though considering who you're dealing with. last sunday came, he cooked me dinner, we had a fabulous time. i said he may be "the one" and was giddy with excitement and then bam! i got scared, i told him (thru email, way to go stephanie) that i have a hard time dealing with affection and that i am destructive in relationships. why i said this? i still have no idea. for a couple of days, though, things were pretty rough and i was sure that he was altogether going to decide he didn't want the drama.
we've since worked it out and i can tell you one thing. he is really something great and i don't want to lose him. the good guys deserve a chance.
and i don't know why, but he wants to cook the ungrateful wench dinner again. and i am thrilled that he's given me a second chance.

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