Saturday, October 13, 2007


it's a dismal day in southern california. the usual sunny sky is filled with gloom and the weather is cold, a great day for sleeping in . this won't be the day i have though. the day i have ahead of me is going to be filled the task of moving from point a to point b. it's funny though, because the day i moved here was exactly the same, except it wasn't cold.
although it should be easier to walk away, it isn't. for me this apartment symbolized adulthood, the first place i've lived completely on my own. the marble countertops, the stainless steel fridge and stove, it was all something new to me. i know, people have walked in on me...probably more times than i like to remember but i have been here for 6 months.
well, today it ends. i am moving out and moving on. i wish i could say i am going somewhere new and exciting, but no i am not. the apartment, i am excited to report, is across from the mall, which is both good and bad. i will live next to a starbucks, a pat oscar's, a pier one and the oh-so-lovely barnes and noble. i will be across the road from my second job at st. joe's.
the part that i'm not looking forward to is packing today. because the truth is, i just got off work, it was the last shift in a string of 5 twelve hour shifts, i am tired, cranky and my back and feet hurt. i'd love to sleep in but i can't. this apartment that catapulted me into adulthood, as i saw it, has brought tremendous stress and i am ready to end the let's-walk-in-on-the-young-girl-in-apartment-140-and-see-if-we-can-give-her-a-panic-attack stage of my life.
to the hotel for four days, and then on to the nicer and hopefully safer apartment.

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