Thursday, October 11, 2007

the 60 hour work week

someone please remind me next time i want to do this...that it is a bad idea.
don't get me wrong, the past two nights at st. joe's have been heaven sent. the people there are like old friends, the kind that are happy to see you and really work as a team so the shifts don't suck. also it's big, like 50 something beds. so when you are frustrated with someone you can walk away. in an eleven bed er, you're always within ears range. so the people that are talking about you 8ft away who don't think you can't hear, don't realize this. EVERYONE CAN HEAR YOU, it's a small ER.
back to my story (see working this much makes me cranky). (and hyper) (bad combination)
i'm exhausted. it's only been three shifts, but the first was 3pm-3:30am and the next day i worked noon to 12:30am, so i didn't get much rest. then today i worked 2pm-2:30am and i worked out prior to really, i'm very sleepy.
i pulled another "no more caffeine" comment. but it's really not that, it's that i'm so tired i'm amusing myself to stay awake. the problem is, other people aren't really amused by me, or me being silly. basically i am my biggest fan, which is true.
so i was trying to tell the people at st. joe's about anchorman tonight. one out of 10 people saw the movie and so i was having a hard time soliciting laughs. i tried the "pants party" comment, and the crying-in-the-phone-booth-practically-sobbing-so-nothing-is-understood scene....and nada. that's when one person said i needed to lay off the caffeine. seriously, what's up with everyone suggesting this? they just don't know that the silly, giggly, nut-case of a nurse, is actually just being herself. and she's tired.
so, i have two more shifts left. then i will have one day off and go back for three more. i will buy my ticket home with the money i made today and yesterday.
i am already dreaming of turkey, stuffing, family, friends, alcohol (shiraz), and corpus boys. wait, did i say that? ;)
maybe i should add boy-crazy to my above list.
ok, off to bed....
i don't even know if this blog make any sense.

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