Wednesday, October 24, 2007


it's not the sight of something burning i wish i could capture for you, it's the smell. the smell that you cannot escape no matter where you are, that is thick and choking and unimaginably real. the sad thing is, someone started the fire in irvine. yes, arson...that's what they're calling it. the ER where i work in irvine smells so strongly of burnt wood that it hurts your eyes and tickles your chest. at first it was cool, it smelled like campfire, like a hot sauna...that comforting smell of burning wood that reminds you of tents and roasted marshmallows or spas filled with beautiful people. no, that's not it though, California is on fire.
Texas is my home, that is well known, but i cannot help but feel immense sadness for my current residence and it's fellow inhabitants. these people are losing homes, homes that were probably way overpriced to begin with that now are worth nothing. this isn't the first time, though, that this state has had fires but i've heard that this is the worst southern california has seen.
my pictures aren't impressive compared to the one's i've seen on yahoo and msn or i know that people in other areas are experiencing way worse. but on my way to work the other day i took a few photos hoping to show you where i'm at in relation to the fires.
my heart goes out to those who've lost their homes, possibly family members and their spirits broken from watching what they had burn to the ground.

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