Monday, October 29, 2007

the halloween party

if it weren't for my job at st. joe's i would have almost no friends in orange county. don't get me wrong, i enjoy SOME Of the people at irvine regional. the total of them, though, probably equal a whopping two or three.
i was invited to a surprise birthday/Halloween costume party. the girl, Julia, just turned 32 and looks amazing! we went to dinner last Wednesday as well and so far she's the only person i've met that i wouldn't hesitate to call "friend".
here are a couple of pictures from the party, just so you guys don't think i have imaginary friends. ;)
this is julia aka the birthday girl and i. i was a black cat, she was "the mile high captain".

this is lance and i. he's an ER tech and was really digging my costume.

this is kevin, the french guy, his costume was very elaborate and even brought a plate of really nice cheeses and spoke french mostly the whole time, me, J-BOB (the redneck gynecologist- he had a tool belt around his waist with speculums and a sign that said "home school gynecologist") and julia.

i am already counting down the days for my move back to texas. i still haven't found an assignment but i'm not terribly concerned. there are plenty of cities in the great state and if one falls through there are other possibilities.
i'm working the next two days and then my uncle, aunt and 5 year old niece are coming to visit. with all the excitement of them coming, my vacation home for thanksgiving and my big move, i've broken out on my forehead. since moving to california i've started having more and more problems with my skin, one more reason to be excited about moving back. maybe my skin's homesick. ;)

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