Tuesday, October 2, 2007

i'm thankful for....

at work, it's me and another girl who will be sharing the 3pm-3am schedule from october 17th to january 5th. we sat down last night and made our schedules from now until the day i leave which will be january 2nd.
anyhow,with thanksgiving coming up and her being canadian she doesn't mind working so i can go home. so i'll be going home for a week, i'm pretty sure. wednesday to wednesday. and i'm so thankful that i will be able to spend thanksgiving with the loves of my life. it just gives me the chills.
and then i'm going work christmas eve, christmas day, new years eve and new years day! some of you may feel bad, but if you could see me you'd know i'm not upset about it. in fact, instead of seeing tears in my eyes you'd see dollar signs. that's right because i will get double time for twelve hours X 2 (for both holidays)!
ok, i really need to get ready for work.

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~chloelicious~ said...

lol...$$$$$ is what we all LOVE huh? well i'm glad that i will at least get to see you when you are down for thanksgiving, like i said don't worry about my pinning ceremony, that thing will last maybe 30 min. and it's not worth it for you to come down for that small little ceremony, ttyl love ya <3