Friday, October 5, 2007


last night, for the first time since my arrival to california, i went to "girls night" with some pretty awesome ladies from st. joe's hospital. we met at the melting pot, a fondue style restaurant, and had wine and gossiped about all the people i don't know from st. joe's. and i felt at home, relaxed and most importantly, like i belonged.
it's hard, in orange county, to make friends even for the most outgoing person. i've heard this many times, from different people. i have tried at work to nourish almost-friendships in hopes that a girls night would eventually come out of it, but so far, before last night, i'd only been out less than a handful of times with people from work.
it's hard to take, people not "getting" you at work. i think people are shady of the fact that i'm a little loud, a little bouncy and silly and ready to befriend everyone. it's not their style. but it's mine, and i'm not changing. so instead of waiting for them to come around i've looked elsewhere for friends, specifically at st. joe's (my second job). and in turn, i have found funny, intelligent, outgoing ladies with a love for food, gossip and spirits. and what more can a girl really ask for?

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~chloelicious~ said...

is this the place where we went to get treatment for what you would call "herpes?" (that is cold sores around your mouth!!) that little rapid track emergencey or whatever you call it? well i'm glad that you are enjoying st. joes