Tuesday, November 20, 2007

to give thanks

i am only days away from going home and i'm surprised to tell you that i'm a little sad about it. i have been dreaming about this for some time, going home for thanksgiving, it's one of my favorite holidays. maybe my only favorite.
i am sad because i know that time has flown by, months seem like days, hours like minutes. thus i know this vacation will go by fast.
i hear people at work talk about how they are burdened by the fact that they have to be with their families this holiday. it is a necessity rather than a privilege. this is something that breaks my heart because i can't imagine feeling this way, not now. i guess when you travel more than 1000 miles away and have no one you know (like really know, that you've grown up with) around you, any amount of time spent with family is a blessing. the people that will be sitting around the table at my thanksgiving feast are people i have be dying to see. i can't imagine being anywhere else than listening to my family talk, crazy and all. yes we're a little too loud, we laugh and gossip and to hear us talk would make some people blush.
so don't be surprised when i hold you a little tighter than i normally would. or stare at your face so that i memorize every last detail. 8 days at home is not nearly enough and i will make sure i hug you as many times as i can.
i will truly be able to say the thing i'm most thankful for this thanksgiving is my family.

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