Tuesday, December 4, 2007

one month away

in one month i will be 27. i will also be driving back to the great state of Texas where i will reside for an unknown amount of time. you could say i get the love of moving from my parents who carted my sister and i around from city to city every couple of years. my grandmother once called me a gypsy because in the year 2006 i lived with my ex boyfriend, my mom, my ex-boyfriend again, my mom again, my ex-boyfriend yet again, my friend mandi and then my grandmother. then i got an apartment with my sister for probably a year, and then i decided i wanted to travel some more and left for arizona. i actually hope that sometime soon the desire to bounce around will subside and the "grown up" in me will start to want more than the smell of a new apartment, the excitement of a new city and the thought of a new start somewhere.
but the realness is there, i will be going home. i will be starting again and hopefully settling down. i can't say that this will be the last time i move, i hope to one day live in Austin, have a house close to the hill country with my husband where we sit on our porch and watch the sunset and our children playing in the yard while i make dinner, drink red wine and listen to jazz.
until then i will continue to apply for jobs in houston. i sit right now on the floor in my room with an empty plate next to me where a lean pocket used to sit, with three empty diet coke cans from earlier today(one for breakfast, one for lunch, one for snack) and a wrapper from a granola bar that i had for breakfast. my whole day has gone to the internet, yesterday too. they have been dedicated to the websites of st. lukes and memorial hermmann and methodist hospital. over and over applications are filled out, i've spoken with two recruiters today who promise they will be sending out my applications to other hospitals.
i have faith that something will come along. i would hate to have to spend thursday and friday (my other two days off) doing this again. i'm still in my pajamas, hair uncombed.
don't freak out mom, buy the ticket. i'm going to texas no matter what. someone, somewhere needs an emergency room nurse and i'm bound and determined to get that position. even if it takes all day and all night searching websites.

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