Saturday, December 15, 2007


this past week has been rough on me, each day a little better than the one before. i have spent the majority of it though in bed or on the couch in my pajamas. i guess i started feeling bad on saturday or sunday. then monday i went to work for all of two hours and they sent me home. from monday until today, friday, i have eaten nothing but chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers, diet sprite and for dessert, tropical fruit cup in lite syrup. i've been on a strict regimen of ibuprofen, dayquil, muccinex and benadryl at night. and i've done nothing but rest.
the good part is i've been able to catch up on all my favorite shows: the hills, ace of cakes (i didn't even know i was a fan until recently), the real housewives of orange county, and saved by the bell.
here's the thing that sucks the most, there is no one to baby me here. i am by myself and although i have friends, i don't want to call anyone to come help me. i have to get up and go to the store and buy my own medicines, soups and sprite. if i had a boyfriend i'd make faces like i were dying and guilt him into going for me. or i'd call my mom or sister and beg until they gave in. i have strep throat, bacterial strep that is, the kind you need antibiotics for. i didn't think so but today at work i made the doctor check and he was positive that i had all kinds of pus in the back of my throat. how lovely.
now i just need to make it through this course of antibiotics and hopefully i'll start feeling a little more peppy.

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Bder said...

Hello my best,

I hope to be on the mend soon

I know it's far away from you but, believe me I worship by heart to you my rule is that friendship is very essential. I like to have trustworthy friends

Please keep me abreast of what's going on in all your news

all my regards to you