Thursday, December 20, 2007

you can't get me down

i know it's Christmas time and the holiday itself is right around the corner. i know i won't be home, i'll spend the eve of, the day of and the day after Christmas at work. patients will be happy someone is there to take care of them, i'm sure. i'm not sad really.
i have a day planned with my girlfriend Julia and our friend Craig in Claremont, CA for a Christmas dinner on sunday. i will drink wine and be merry with the closest friends i've made since i've lived here. i am thankful for them and their offer to cook, since i probably will just watch them. haha! at least i will try to help.
today on my way in to work, as i was passing by the mountains i started smiling. a smile from ear to ear, so big i scared myself. even at a time when i'm away from the one's i love, i know in my heart i will be going home soon.
i didn't really take care of anyone interesting tonight. a couple of kids, lots of people with abdominal pain (seriously, what's going on out there?) and a couple of kidney stones. the ER was quiet and i was glad to be cut early (today's an extra shift). I'm almost back to normal but the doctor told me not to start working out to my full capacity since my lungs are probably a little worn from all the phlegm in them. i swear today i blew my nose for what felt like two mintues, it was non-ending snot. pretty visual i know, but hey, it's a great share. :)
that's all, i'm off to bed. 5 days away, i hope your Christmas shopping is done!

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