Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a chapter ends

it's 5am california time, 7am texas time and i'm just going to bed. they let me go an hour early from work, my last shift there, so i could come home and continue my packing.
the boxes are now neatly piled in one corner of the room and i've narrowed down what i have to take back. i also have a "maybe" pile consisting of a long mirror,a fan, a kitchen trash can and a broom. these are things i could throw or give away and buy again in houston so they're not taking up an enormous amount of space in the backseat. my clothes have been rolled so tight into balls and shoved in bags to make room for the ever-growing wardrobe of mine.
i didn't cry tonight when i said goodbye to my coworkers, i didn't think i would. there were times when i hated the hospital where i worked. the people were sometimes cruel and two faced and not as friendly as i'm used to. but it made me just a little stronger and for that i am grateful.
9 months have come and gone and my assignment is now officially over in california. i am headed back to texas, to the family, to my pregnant aunt who's about to pop, to my friends and to the heat. i miss heavy southern accents and "maam" and "sir" and friendly smiles and big hugs.
i am ready for 27 and 2008 and another chapter in the life of this traveling nurse.

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