Tuesday, January 8, 2008


the move has been made, boxes unpacked. i spent what seems like a million hours in a car to make it though and i can honestly say, it was well worth it. i don't have internet connection in my apartment, i don't know if i'll hook it up or not. i think i spend too much time on the internet so in an attempt to free up wasted time on myspace, i won't have it connected. i won't have my cable connected either, lame i guess. or not, depending on how you look at it.
this city feels like home, even more than corpus. it's big and bright and gives the impression that it's full of life and fun and activities. i already know people here, already have family here so i guess it's just as much my home as anywhere. i've lived here before so it is familiar.
the apartment is just lovely and i feel so grown up in it. it overlooks the parking lot of another complex, a kind of ghetto one, but it's still nice. the gym is great, the internet is free in the business center along with a fax and printer.
tomorrow i start work and i'm excited and just as much, nervous. i am keeping my fingers crossed that everyone is friendly and welcoming, but then again, that's a lot of pressure to put on people. or myself to be the accomodating one.
i must though, thank my mom for making the drive with me. it was long and grueling and at one point dangerous (haha, thanks mom!) but i enjoy spending time with her. she endured my ghetto fabulous music and made the trip way more enjoyable.
i will upload photos of the move and the car on the next entry.

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