Monday, January 21, 2008


have you ever met someone and knew instantly that you'd be friends forever? without even knowing much about them such as their middle name or what their childhood dreams were? all you know about them, other than their first name, is how they laugh, their ability to be witty and confident in the middle of a large crowd, the way they stand out in a group as if they have some neon light under their feet illuminating their smile. and you know, without too much thought, that they were going to be your new best friend, or if it were a guy maybe you're boyfriend.
i do this often. i know almost immediately when i want someone in my circle of friends. i would say i'm picky about who i hang out with too, i don't want just anyone.
but i hate getting like this with guys. thinking too far in advance, putting too much pressure on them without even really thinking about it. but it's hard when you meet someone that is so great that no matter what you're doing the thought of them is always there.
i said this before about a certain someone in california. i thought he was the cat's meow but he turned out to be way less. and there were things i didn't like about him that i ignored: his beliefs on religion, his cube and they way he talked over people's heads.
this is different. and this time i don't want to get ahead of myself. i don't want to let you in just yet. i think he's great though. and so far, that's all you need to know.


Lesli said...

i totally do this too! i feel very connected to people very i know they are my soul mate(friend) and get my feelings hurt when they don't want to instantly be my best friend as well. i'm working on learning how to guard my heart more. definitely a work in progress.

ps - love that below picture of you hugging the texas sign! welcome home!


Bder said...

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