Monday, January 28, 2008

i remember when

i remember when i lived in corpus and all i wanted was to live somewhere else. then i moved to arizona and at around 2 months into it i was ready to move to california. i dreamed about living there and going to the beach. i was excited when i attempted snowboarding and envisioned myself spending weekends in winter at some posh ski resort. i then moved to california and quickly realized that the lifestyle there didn't match my own. i'm not into fashion or cars or fancy things and i was definitely not a knockout as were the socal girls. after 9 months i realized that i missed my family and friends and everything i'd left behind.
haven't you already heard this story?
the other day while i was at a concert with "the gentleman" (the one i'm extremly infatuated with) i looked around and thought, finally i'm somewhere i want to be. and i wouldn't say it's ONLY because of him but he has made it a much nicer transition. i LOVE houston. i don't want to leave. i am a million times happier than i was in corpus, arizona and california...combined.
and for once, i love the ER. the people here are so friendly, like i-want-to-give-you-a-hug-friendly.
ahhh... a huge sigh of relief. i have missed this content person.

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