Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i'm still alive: part 2

it has been too long since i've let you into my world, and for that i'm sorry. i've been busy working (i really despise 5 shifts in a row-more than that is ridiculous) and keeping up with eating right, exercising and fueling my reading habit that i've had little time for much else.
life is the same here, i'm saving up money, working with people who want to gossip and gripe about the littlest things. as i see it, this is temporary and at the end of my two more months here i go home. i find very little need to become upset about things out of my control. that's the way i am, complacent. i am satisfied with where i am, with what i'm doing that unless there is a threat involving me directly, i'm happily unaware of what's going on. let them gossip. let them be upset about scheduling, i'll work with it, it's only 2 months.
i'm going on vacation to new york in june and am looking forward to spending some time in the big city, in a regular hotel. i will take lots of pictures this time because i'm skinnier than the last time i went. well, i'm trying to lose another 10lbs but we'll see, so far every time chocolate is in my face i go a little overboard.
and i guess the biggest thing is, living in a small city makes you really appreciate smaller, big cities. lincoln and corpus are comparable in size and i have learned that i don't need a million options. a million options drives me crazy and i become overwhelmed. so i'm really looking forward to going back for a couple of months. and then from there, who knows. i'd love to say i want an apartment in austin, i want to go back to school. i want to take a class on history and one on art. i want to minor in english so i can hone my writing technique. yes, eventually i'd like to write a book.
i'd love to continue to travel, i want more than anything for 3 more months in california but i should leave well enough alone. i did it, i enjoyed it, move on. what if i go back only to find it's nothing of what i remembered and be disappointed? no, i'd rather not.
let's stay on track stephanie. corpus, austin, school. this is the way it will be....i'm hoping.

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