Monday, May 26, 2008

i'm still alive

i know it's been awhile but just so you know, i'm still alive.
it's tornado season here in the midwest, the warning and watches are daily now from thunder storms to you guessed it...tornadoes. i'm not enjoying it, everyday i wake up and look at the sky. i've been told it will be a shade of green/yellow i will never forget.
change subject.
work is getting busier. the crazy weather is freaking people out and they are showing up with all sorts of serious complaints from respiratory to cardiac to plain, old non-urgent stuff. it's fun when the hospital is busy for a change, it makes the time go by much faster than one patient for twelve hours. i mean, reading is fun and i love that this job has allowed me to read more, but jeez. unless i've got a book that is mesmerizing, i end up staring at the other nurses for 12 hours and that gets old fast.
change subject.
i went home to corpus for a weekend to celebrate my best friends birthday. it was nice to be there for a couple of days, the weather was hot and humid but a welcomed change from the dreary wet, cold that has been the norm in nebraska (aka ne-brisk-a).
change subject.
i'm tired. i just finished working 5 shifts. before that i was in corpus. before that i was working 4 shifts (maybe 5, i can't even remember). i need a break.
i will write more when i have rested. i just wanted to let you know i'm still here.

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