Friday, August 29, 2008

where did she come from?

this year i watched the DNC. i have stopped using the grocery store's plastic bags and now use my own canvas bags. i don't eat meat or meat by-products and try to only consume organic foods. by the end of this year i am determined to buy a hybrid car. i no longer drink alcohol. and i have fallen in love with yoga and cycling class.
moving back home has made me stronger, made me a little more opinionated. i won't fight with you about who i am or the decisions i've made and i will respect that our views may differ. that's ok.
it just freaks me out a little that i am this person. i know that it, for sure, freaks out other people. some can't understand all the changes i made, they think they're silly and unnecessary.
but it feels good to be here.
i am enjoying my time back home. found a job but haven't really started working yet. there are times when i don't want to work a lot, but i need to start really saving money. i plan to apply to UT- houston school of nursing by november 1. i plan to, in january, move back to houston get an apartment and a job.
as for now i will continue the direction i'm in. love the one's i'm around and pray for strength and guidance to live in the moment, enjoy what i have and help those less fortunate.


Elisabeth said...

Hey Steph, I think its awesome that you want to go back to school. Especially in Houston. Are you going for practitioner? How long are you going to be in Corpus? I'll be back soon and will be having a get together, I sent you an email, don't know if you got it though. Well, enjoy your time there with your fam. Traveling has definitely taught me how important they are :) Hope to see you soon. Love ya chica, Elisabeth

jeepgirl said...

Good for you!!! I see myself doing similar things, except the meat. The cop is a self professed "meat-atarian" and my HGB drops when I go veggie. Yoga and cycling though..... wow. I come home feeling like a million bucks. Keep on with it!!!! :)