Thursday, August 14, 2008

a different view

i read a book that's changed my life. changed my mind. changed my diet. completely changed me.
that being said, i'm healthier, happier and...well... skinnier. it wasn't the main goal, to lose weight, i knew it would come because i've been dieting for a year now, maybe more. but just because i'm a strict vegetarian (can't say vegan since i haven't changed the shoes i wear or how i dress, or the toothpaste i use or the deodorant i wear) doesn't mean i'm going to be skinny. there are overweight vegetarians and vegans too, it's not just all fruits and veggies you know.
i've added soy protein shakes into my diet as well, to help me gain muscle since i'm working out pretty intensely. i've given up soda, to the best of my abilities, because i can't stop thinking i'm drinking acid. i picture it rotting my teeth, and then creeping into my bones to deplete them of their minerals. i no longer crave meat, of any kind, milk or cheese. sometimes i want chips and salsa though, but i've given up fried foods as well.
and one thing that people don't get is why i've given up drinking alcohol. it's so widely used as a social crutch that people feel bad when they're drinking and you're not. this irritates me. i'm fine with water and lime. no i don't need a beer to unwind or a mixed drink to socialize with friends.
i will tell you this now, i've never felt better. seriously. and to me, that's really all that matters. happiness and health.

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Elisabeth said...

First off, I think I emailed instead of left a comment, so if you get a weird email sorry :) Just curious, what book did you read?