Thursday, September 13, 2007

do you like girls?

somedays i love my job, other days i would rather be a dog walker. the past week has been a good one. i am enjoying the hospital where i'm working more and the people there are getting on my nerves less. i guess it's because i've realized that i'm going to be here until january, so i might as well make the best of it.
i had a patient the other day who made me laugh the whole time i was in her room. she was in her mid eighties and very kind. she got into an argument with another resident of the nursing home where she lived and started having chest pain. she had dementia so every thing she said i heard over and over again. it was cute that she asked me 10 times if i had a boyfriend. every time i told her i was from texas (which was around 5 or 6 times) she'd ask what part and then would tell me she was from dallas. her son was in the room although she kept referring to him as her husband and then they'd both blush when he'd tell her he was her son. she'd then apologize and say something funny like "oh i know that, i was just testing you" or "don't be silly, i said you were my son". but once, after she'd asked why i wasn't married, i didn't find her funny. i was getting ready to transfer her upstairs, which is probably a good thing because if i had to hear her ask me this next question ten times i am sure i would have cried. she said " you like girls?" i was perplexed by her question and the look on her son's face, as well as mine, i'm sure was priceless. she didn't mean any harm, she was just curious.
it made me think a lot about how many people actually think this for real, but don't ask. i am single and 26 and traveling to different cities. i am strong and independent and am enjoying traveling by myself. i think people expect you to get married and settle down by a certain age....but i'm not ready. i don't know when i will be ready. i think part of me is always looking for the next best thing, ready to leave at a moment's notice.
but no. i'm not a lesbian.

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~chloelicious~ said...

but i thought i was your lover? =(