Saturday, September 15, 2007

over is over

i read on myspace that my tarot card today was strength and the caption read "may courage be your ally". i don't believe in tarot cards or astrology but i always like to see what it says anyway. and well, i guess i didn't need the card to know that today was a day which would call for a little courage.
he called this morning early, i would have broken up with him yesterday had he answered his phone. i could feel my heart pounding as the words came out of my cotton-dry mouth, it was over. he wasn't overly upset like i'd expected, he was matter of fact about it all. he is coming over in a little while to pick up a picture he gave me of him as a kid, i guess it's really something he wants to give to his next girlfriend. i checked my myspace only 10 minutes after our conversation and he'd already deleted me off his friends list...just like that. i am out of his life. there were red flags, big ones and little ones that i ignored. his cube, his control issues, the way he spoke to people over their heads so they would know how smart he is. but it all boils down to this, he's just not the one.
and the funny thing is i feel relieved.
i was invited by a co-worker at my second job to a pool party tonight. i can't tell you exactly how excited i am to go and mingle with people i don't see 36hrs a week in irvine.
things are looking up and for the first time in weeks i am really smiling and excited about a fun saturday night.

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