Monday, September 17, 2007

the saturday barbq

the bar-b-q was altogether too much fun. i had a couple of red stripes (beer) with lime and sat by the pool enjoying chips and homemade salsa talking with friendly people from st. joe's ER staff. i know why i like working there so much, it reminds me of Yuma. it's a 50 something bed ER with tons of young, intelligent, friendly staff. and of course there were a couple of cute guys at this party (oh you know me...always looking).
anyhow, i worked yesterday at st. joe's and am planning to pick up a lot more shifts there in the coming months.
on another note, i lost another lb this week which makes a total of 17lbs i've lost. i'm almost in to my skinny jeans and am starting to feel a lot more confident. i am hoping to make a trip to corpus in october or november. travelocity is offering cheap flights to austin for the next coming months and i'd really like to show off my lighter self. ;)
ok, off to the gym. off to my skinny jeans.


momma pajama said...

What's a matta...afraid your mamma is going to get into your skinny jeans before you?? What the hell...i can't believe you have lost a total of 17 lbs. I didn't even know you had 17 to lose. I'll still never forget the day you stood in front of me one day and you were working at First Data (i think) and i realized your entire mid section had disappeared. You were as black as night from the tanning bed and thin as Dolores. I wish i could send you a picture of her in her bikini...but i don't know how i'd steal it from her. He has shorts and a bikini top on and man is she thin...Can't wait to see your new "lighter self!". Hope that means you are finally getting your Chanika side...:)

~chloelicious~ said...

wow! 17 lbs? that's crazy, i need to lose like 3 x that and i will be somewhat content! i'm working on it mama! ttyl