Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the offer

what you offered was ho hum when i wanted butterflies, white gold when i wanted platinum. there's nothing wrong with mediocrity but that's not me. i want hot, not lukewarm. say you want something and go for it, fear will inhibit you only if you let it.
i am not afraid to go after what i want, even when it means i'll be all alone. even if it means i am putting myself in danger. i don't believe in "but i'm scared", to me that's an excuse.
there are people who live their lives in a gray area, the safe area. and then there are others, who decide they want more. they need more and go after it.
i wanted so much for it to work out but i won't settle for mundane i want extraordinary.
and so at this time i'm walking away. sad that it didn't work but hopeful that someday someone will offer me all i want and more.

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