Saturday, March 22, 2008

the rainbow

i've been thinking a lot lately about who i am and where i've been. the whole funk about the almost-relationship has passed and i'm not nearly as lame as i was. a couple of days i spent catching up with my mom's best friend, aka my aunt, and bummed a couple of meals and a couple of movies off of her. i stayed the night in a house that i have considered my home for a long time, felt comforted in the fact that things could have been way worse. recently i spent a weekend (more like a week) enjoying the company of my family and friends in corpus and enjoyed every minute.
and i don't know yet where i'm going next, i almost could care less about the location. i'm concerned about money right now. i want to pay off my debt, get it out of the way. be able to work and know that at any moment i have enough money to go on vacation or take a plane ride somewhere if need be. buy a condo or townhome and a dog, i'm ready for it. i want to call texas home, go to work at a surgery center and go back to school. it's decided, but i can't yet. i'm not quite there, but i'm determined to be.
mark my words: debt paid off by september. it's going to happen. and i can't wait to finally settle somewhere.

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