Monday, February 4, 2008

a proud moment

i sit here blogging from work, a sense of pride building within me. i assisted with two trauma codes today with little to no feeling of passing out or becoming ill. the first trauma code was a 32 year old male who had a motorcycle accident. he was showing off to his girlfriend behind him, with no helmet at that, and lost control. he was puleless and not breathing on arrival, his left leg looked like jello because his bone was broken. his face and chest were scraped and dirty from the road and blood and he was pale and lifeless. still i stayed in the room, worked the code, did chest compressions and had no problem. he ended up dying. he was the first patient i actually looked at and messed around while he was already dead. i moved his leg and felt his chest and his face. his leg looked really freaky.
the second trauma was a 24 year old male with multiple stab wounds to the chest, stomach and arm. he had his bowels coming out of the wounds which were pretty neat to look at. i can't lie, when he came in i was worried that i wouldn't be able to handle it. but i started by just concentrating on the IV, then eventually i was able to look at him without feeling sick. it was pretty amazing when we sent him to OR and then later found out he was fine.
i'm doing better with traumas, a couple more months here and i'm sure i'll be sick of it. it does take a lot out of you and already i've asked some co-workers out for a margarita after work today, a 7am margarita.
i will keep you posted on what else i see. it's way crazy here.

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Bder said...

Dear Stephanie,

how are you ? I hope you are keeping well, I would like to bring your attention that if you jumped each trauma, you will be more strong to deal with what you face at your work

I do hope you will be strong enough to solve any problem.