Tuesday, April 29, 2008

all of a sudden

how is it that a girl dependent on diet coke, unable to make any type of food, who spends most of her money at the mall can change all at once? i tell you this...it's possible.
i've finally given up diet coke (i know, can you believe it?) and i've started taking a mutli vitamin. i am exercising daily or every other day including my new balanced eating plan. it's not a diet really, more like every meal includes whole grains, a veggie and some sort of protein. usually the snacks are fruit and dairy (the greek blueberry yogurt by oikos is now my fav!!) and i've started drinking tea with milk and honey. what's up with that? not to mention my savings account has more money than i've ever seen in it (of course, don't be impressed...i usually don't have much) but i'm getting there. AND my favorite part is...even though i don't have anywhere to make food i made hummus.
ok, don't laugh, i know hummus is merely mashed chickpeas and garlic, but hey...i'm becoming more creative. i would love to say i'm making more and soon i will, but there's only so much you can make in a microwave. i brought the george foreman but i feel a little guilty about bringing an appliance that's not approved to be in the hotel. not because it's not supposed to be here but because i'm super clumsy and could see the smoke alarm going off while using it, in turn having to explain why i was trying to make chicken and cheese quesadillas in it.
i have one month left here and i'm tempted to stay but i seriously can't survive in this hotel room. i need a stove. and a sink to wash dishes that isn't also where i do my hair (because i accidentally knocked over a glass soaking a spoon covered in peanut butter-organic- and it was all over my scrubs) and i also need a bigger trash can.
and although once june comes it will be warmer here, i need the ocean...again. so i called my recruiter and asked if irvine regional had anything posted, i may also look into northern cali (particularly in monterey) and we'll see.
one last thing...i'm a mommy now. yes, her name is blondie and she is everything i'd imagined she would be. i'm still learning about here and it's very difficult but i know eventually i'll get the hang of her.

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Elisabeth said...

Wow, I love your new baby. She's great. I think its so cool that your learning to play guitar. I grew up listening to acoustic guitar music and think its one of the most beautiful instruments out there (thanks dad). I'm looking forward to hopefully hanging out with you in Cali, not that Josh isn't enough, but it will be nice to have someone else around. Be careful. Love, Elisabeth