Sunday, April 20, 2008

the good life

when i arrived in nebraska i was expecting flat land. i expected a small town with no mall or personality and figured i'd be doomed for 8 weeks. what i got was a glorified motel room with a tiny fridge and one sink (where i do my make up AND wash my dishes). the room faces the main road thru town and i figured most nights i'd hear nothing but traffic.
i have one word to describe it all, my thoughts and ideas about this city and state: misconceptions.
i was wrong.
i am truly blessed to be here, my first assignment where i'm doing something right. i came with the intention to pay off my credit cards, become a grown up and learn to appreciate money. i made sacrifices and hoped that i was doing the right thing in coming here and THAT has been the only thing i've been right about.
i work in a small ER, smaller than any i've ever worked at and i get paid more than i ever have to sit and read or watch tv for the majority of the night. the people i work with are kind and it seems that all they do is want to take care of me, their kid sister or adopted daughter. i'm the youngest in the ER but i've made an impression on them with my sense of maturity.
and let me tell you about this city. yes it's small and the mall here is depressing, but it has everything i need for survival. i have a hotel with free cable and free internet. i have a gym and a place to buy groceries that's clean and not crawling with nasty people (this wal-mart is nicer than many i've shopped in). and the big city that has a mall is no more than 30 minutes away and the drive is spectacular. and flat land?! ha! southeastern nebraska has rolling green hills for miles that are beautiful beyond belief.
i don't have much longer it seems before this will be over and then what, i have yet to find out.
here's is a picture of me and the guys from work enjoying a margarita at playa azul, our one mexican restaurant. it was an enjoyable dinner.

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