Wednesday, April 30, 2008

does this upset you?

remember when i hated california? and when i was there, how all i wanted was to be back in texas? yeah, i know, me too.
it's funny how life turns around the way it does. because right before i left i made a strong connection with Julia, my favorite claremont/st. joseph's nurse. and well, it was different then.
now, or at least by the time i go back (wait for it) i will only be paying on my car and my student loan. i will have money to do things, vacation, save, whatever... it will be easier. it was different when all my paycheck was spoken for and i couldn't enjoy it. i will enjoy it this time.
does it seem impersonal to you if i inform everyone all at one time? that i don't email or mail certain individuals first hand to let them know (like mom and crys who know my every move before it's made) before others?
i called my recruiter with access and asked if there were any positions available in irvine, ca (where i was from april-december) and she said they'd love to have me back.
the small details are being worked out, dates to start, pay, location of apartment, et cetera.
it will no doubt be different this time. i already know the hospital, the location, the people. i know what to expect and what not to expect and i'm prepared. it's not final yet so don't start freaking out or planning your vacations. give me time to get it all situated and i will give you all the little details.
but this time...i'm excited. very excited.

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