Tuesday, May 6, 2008

a reason for everything

so the irvine gig didn't pan out the way i'd hoped. it didn't pan out at all actually. i'm sort of bummed and sort of relieved. they wanted me to do 6 months there and i was almost sad about it. do you believe that everything happens for a reason? that someone has a plan for us beyond our knowledge? well, i'm grateful it didn't work out. i know there is something better planned for me.
better as in, probably staying in nebraska...making the big bucks. :) saving a little more, paying off a few more bills.
on a side note, while i was working out yesterday a man hit my car while it was parked in the gym lot. i watched the whole incidence from atop the treadmill, terrified of what i'd actually witnessed. i watched as he got out and surveyed the damage, still unsure if he'd actually hit it and damaged it or just scraped it.
this is where people differ from me.
i walked out almost upset that he'd gone to drive off, he stated he needed to drive around to "cool off" but i know had i not walked out he wouldn't have come back; maybe he was hoping no one noticed. all i saw was his beat up pick up, his blue collar look, i saw his hands were shaking and i could hear in his quivering voice that he felt bad. he asked if i wanted to "swap information" and for a little while i went back and forth on the matter. the damage isn't bad, a scratch that saturn can probably buff out. in my opinion it's just a car and things could have been worse.
i called the gym after leaving, and since everyone knows everyone in this tiny town i told the gym owner to go find "steve" and tell him i wasn't reporting it after all.
call me crazy or dumb, i really don't care. i can afford to get it fixed myself. steve probably only had liability on his old, beat up truck. he looked like he could barely afford the lifestyle he was living. so i let it go.
i firmly believe in karma, do something good to someone and eventually it will come back around.
yesterday wasn't a good day. i'm hoping today is a little better.

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