Friday, April 11, 2008

the high five dilemma

there are two types of people: those who high five and those who don't. i am the former and not all too happy about it.
sometimes people at work or out in the everyday world say menial things, sometimes not even requiring an enthusiastic response, and i find myself raising my hand to high five, immediately ashamed that i have done so. even when it could be validated as acceptable and i raise my hand, i blush with embarrassment. is the high five so 1990's? i mean, that's when i remember it was really cool and appropriate at times, but now? in the 2000's is it still? i can usually tell by the response (usually facial reaction) of the person opposite my high five request if it's a little too cheesy.
well, i am also the type of person who laughs at their own jokes. who finds little things funny and will laugh a little too loud. and sometimes i snort when i laugh really hard.
what can i say? does that make me a little nerdy?
it's snowing here in nebraska. i keep checking my window to see if it's piling up on the ground outside but still nothing yet. it has been snowing intermittently all day and the first time i realized that what was falling was snow i almost cried. this world is very different, people are different. things are much simpler here and i'm enjoying the change in pace. i am the youngest nurse in the ER, the others ranging from mid 30's to late 60's and they're all sweet. and they don't mind when i want to high five. ;)


jeepgirl said...

I am SUCH a high five nurse. I actually got one from my boss who was flying with me yesterday. High five from me to you girl! Hang in there!

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