Thursday, May 8, 2008

the good nights

these are my favorite, the nights that end in a glass of red, a good book and madeleine peyroux's voice filling the air. the nights when i'm most at ease, when i can exhale and be happy with the decisions i've made thus far.
my extension in beatrice has left me giddy at the thought of saving a little more, and the possibility of going home after this. and by home, i mean, corpus. i would like to be able to spend the last month before my sister's wedding planning and helping out, i would like to make something divine for thanksgiving dinner and not have to work at all that weekend, doing crafts with my mom and cousin, watching movies with my sister and listening to family talk. i miss our conversations. the one's about absolutely nothing and everything that leave my cheeks hurting from smiling so wide. i would like to enjoy the holidays off for once, spending the times admiring my family, who i feel i have taken for granted. traveling has been fun and quite an experience and although a part of me wants to move back to california for a little while, i think it's best if i settle down. i can vacation those places, right? all i wanted to say was that i traveled, i saw california, arizona and nebraska. and i did. i was afraid but i didn't let fear overcome me.
i am proud of all that i have done, what i have accomplished and where i have gone in the process. my goal was to pay off my bills and i'm working hard at getting that done. i will move back to corpus at the end of this contract, stay in my friend chris' apartment on the island and work when i want to to pay for my car and other expenses. maybe some weekends i'll go to the valley and work to make a little extra money (thanks Mom for the idea) and we'll see where i go from there. maybe i'll be a travel nurse but strictly for texas.
i am excited. i am ready. and most of all i can't wait to go home.

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